Bet on sports:

online Sports betting Has risen enormously in popularity. With the right knowledge and bets you too can quickly catch great prizes without having to get rid of the bank for this. Anyway Gambling Is also a sport! With these tips we help you as a starting sports gambler on your way!

Tips for betting on sports

Of course you want to get the most when you want to gamble on sports competitions. To help you, our specialists have listed 3 tips for you that you should take into account if you want to use. These are:

  • Immerse yourself in the range
  • Calculating opportunities
  • Difference between asian en european handicap

1. Immerse yourself in the range of sports bets

Google once Sports betting: You will see that the offer to Online sports betting It goes further than filling in a simple TOTO form. There are almost as many online gambling offices and online casinos when there are sports competitions, so the choice is not going to be easy. A number of criteria that you can keep in your head are the available payment methods, sports and competitions that are offered and the deployment options. For example, some providers only work with credit cards, but that doesn't work if you want to pay with PayPal. Also with regard to the sports offer, it is babysitting. Football is offered by most online parties, but you want to focus on for example Equestrian or ice hockey, then you will have to see better whether the sport and the competition of your choice are in between. Of course you want to bet on the sport that you have the most knowledge of! Finally, the providers differ in the deployment options they offer. You can only predict the competitions for the coming week, or can you also Live bets on competitions who are doing now? Some parties even offer the opportunity to stream the competitions live via their website, so that you can see if your bet is going in the right direction with your bet.

2. Calculate opportunities

Online gambling offices and casino’s will always try to lure you with High chances of winning With certain bets. Yet it is also useful to keep looking at how your chances are, because you can only determine the right bet. Did you know, for example, that a 2/1 winning chance of winning and a 3.0 win is equal to a probability of 0.33 % that you win? You will encounter all three variants, depending on where the provider comes from (United States vs. Europe for example). To compare winches between providers or types of bets, you can make a table for yourself with the chances of winning. You will see that in the end it is not as complicated as you think.

3. Asian Handicap vs. European Handicap

In addition to sports in the USA or in Europe, you can also find happiness further away. What is then discussed is the way of using. You can bet on a standard profit of one of the teams or draw. Yet there is a difference between, for example, the way of using Asian and European competitions, known as the Asian Handicap and the European Handicap. In European competitions, in addition to profit and draw, you can also predict the number of goals, which significantly reduces the chance of a correct prediction. In Asian sports betting In addition to profit or draw, you can also bet on the difference between the two teams, expressed in percentages. You bet on the difference between the strongest and the weaker team, as it were. This gives a different probability distribution. These handicaps mainly occur in team sports such as football. If you really want to get the most out of your sports bet, you will have to take this into account.

As you notice, you can quickly use a few handy tricks get the most out of your sports bet. Start small and win big, because within Fast payouttime the world of sports betting is at your feet! What do you use your money on?

Our favorite bookmakers for sports bets

Bet on sports

Online betting on sports Has become extremely popular in the USA. This is mainly due to the many advertisements from Toto and other bookmakers. Nowadays you can already Bet on football, Equestrian sport, UFC, tennis, hockey and many other sports. This way you can bet if someone takes a yellow card or if a team with 2 goals wins more from the opponent. You can also focus on foreign teams, think of a baseball match in America or Barcelona-Real Madrid.

It is good to know that you can not only use for a competition, but also when the matches are live. Sometimes you can even have your money ended up for the competition.


To Bet on sports you have to use a bookmaker. In October a number of bookmakers in the USA received a license. This way you can bet BetCity, Livescore bet, Holland casino And toto. We expect that more sites will be added in the coming period. The quotation can vary from sites per site. So pay attention to this. In addition, the companies also often offer certain bonuses to let you open an account. We offer an up -to -date overview of the best on this page CasiFast payoutbonuses

Mobile Betting on Sport

People more and more often bet with their mobile phone. This way you can easily log in via a website or app and place a bet before a competition starts. There are many bookmakers who have developed a good app for iOS and Android. These apps are 100% reliable. Via these apps you can pay with iDeal or another payment method and the amount is on your account within a few seconds.

Where do sports betting come from?

Sports bets have come to blow from England and are nowadays extremely popular on the entire planet. And we are mainly talking about betting on football matches. If you have a prediction good then you can earn some money. More and more online casinos now also offer the opportunity to bet on sports. In the end it is just a game of chance, with a considerable portion of knowledge or happiness. The nice thing is that you can take out a match for every sports match, but also for many events during such a competition. You can choose from many sports such as football, tennis, basketball and many more different sports. In this article we will explain the basis of the online sports betting step by step!

Getting started
Placing a bet is not complicated. The first step is that you create an account at one of the online casinos where you can bet on sports. But selectively choosing a website to gamble can also be important. One casiFast payoutoffers a better profit than the other, and some casinos also give you a substantial Bonus up to $250. An example of such a Bonus up to $250 is that of Betsafe, where you get a 100% bonus with your first deposit, up to a maximum of $ 50. This kind of bonuses are often boning nicely for starting players!

Deposit money
To be able to play or to be able to receive a mentioned bonus, you must of course first have deposited play money. You deposit this play money by transferring money. Every gambling site offers various options for doing this. Usually through a bank transfer, but for example a credit card is also possible. With some gambling sites you can even pay with cryptocurrency!

Your first bet
The first time you start using you see an incredible number of numbers on your screen but you won't understand much of it. That is why we will make it a lot easier for you through this article. We start by explaining the basics, and then we will elaborate on the bets for more fanatic gamblers!

The 1x2 bet
This bet is very simple. For the sake of convenience, we use the PSV - Ajax match. PSV plays at home, and both teams are in shape. Because of the home advantage of PSV, the bookmakers consider that the chance that PSV wins is greater than Ajax wins. In other words, they think you are more likely to win if you bet on PSV than on Ajax. The consequence of this is that they also offer you less money if PSV wins because it is a greater chance that PSV will win. You call the quantity that you paid if you bet on PSV or Ajax. Suppose you get your bet for profit from PSV 2.20x, for Ajax win you get your bet and for a draw you get 3.10x your bet. This is called the 1x2 bet, where 1 = home team wins, x = draw and 2 = plow wins. So if you use $ 10 on Ajax because you think they are going to stunt in Eindhoven, and this actually happens then you will get $ 10 × 2.80 = $ 28 paid!

The Betlip is an essential part for fanatic gamblers. Suppose Juventus plays at home in the same weekend that PSV-Ajax plays against AC Milan. The quotation for this is 1 = 1.50x, x = 3.10x and 2 = 5.20x. You think that AC Milan is going to stunt in Turin and you bet on this team. Then you would get 5.20x your bet if you are right, but you also think PSV will win from Ajax at home. Now it is true that you can combine these two bets, and this increases your chance of winning! The calculation of your profit then goes as follows: Quotation PSV x quotering AC Milan = 2.20 x 5.20 = 11.44x Your bet! For this you must have both good. These odds continue to accumulate if you choose more competitions, so that you will eventually have a quotation with, for example, five different games that can be very high. The annoying thing about this way of playing is that if you have four out of five good, you will receive $ 0.

Long -term Bets
Another example of bets are the long -term bets, you focus on events that last longer than a competition. An example of this is the betting on the team that you think they will be champions. The odds used for this work the same as with the bets on a competition; Ajax and PSV as favorites have a much lower quotation than when you think Vitesse will be champion. The chance that you win yourself is greater if you bet on a top team, but the profit that you get paid is a lot higher when Vitesse knows how to become champions. Other examples of long -term Bets are top scorers, the player who knows how to catch the most yellow cards etc.

Live bets
The opposite of long -term bets are the live bets. These bets may already have been decided within a second after it has been deployed. This makes it fun to play this bets. As a result, there is a lot of money to win during a competition, but also just as easy to lose. An advantage of live bets is that it can make a actually a lot more fun of its own. Examples of live bets are the use on which team can take the next corner, or scores the next goal. But also those who will take the next yellow card, you can't think of it that way and you can use it!

Other Bets
You can use a number of other Bets before the competition except who you think is winning. For example, you can bet on an exact result; For example, PSV wins 3-2 from Ajax. The chance is very small that you are just right, and you will not win any money if it ends 3-1, for example. The advantage is that the odds are a lot higher than simply bet on win PSV. Another example is that you think Harry Kane will be the first goal scorer in the Tottenham - Arsenal match, or that he scores a hat trick in this match. Or maybe he takes a red card, you can all focus on it!

FAQ Frequently asked questions

You can bet on sports with bookmakers who have a license in the USA. We offer the best bookmakers for sports betting on this page

It is always easy for a Dutchman to participate in sports bets. You open an account at a casino, deposit money and you can immediately bet on sports

This depends on a number of factors. Think of past performance, relationship between the teams and how high a team is.

If you want to bet on sports you often come across a handicap. With a disability you give a team a virtual lead.

These days it is legal. For example, a number of casinos have been license since October where you can bet completely legally.

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