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us-review-casinos.com consists of a team of more than 3 experts. We have been a much visited website in the USA for a long time. This is because we work on it every day and continuous news, new gambling companies and games.

We update the information on the website daily. We pay attention to changes to the gambling websites. We follow the news closely and are on top of it! This has grown into a very popular platform.

We want to continue to emphasize that you, and only you, make the choice whether you want to play or not. We write reviews that are subjective, but also critical. Yet you will have to make the choice yourself. We can only give you the required information to come to a conclusion yourself. Ultimately, an experience is always subjective. That is why we would like to hear your personal experience.

Peter (co-owner)

Peter successfully completed the Commercial Economics course at the Hogeschool Rotterdam in 2012. During his student days he is professionally poker and was very interested in Gambling And everything that has to do with it. After his education, he therefore started working as a croupier at various casinos in the country. Because he wanted to share his knowledge to other gamblers, Peter started this website together with Guus.

Guus (co-owner)

Born in Rotterdam and studied in Amsterdam. Guus is a childhood friend of Peter and has achieved the Communications Sciences course at the UvA. Although he did not find the training very interesting and he also had many interests in gambling companies, Guus is immediately after graduation us-review-casinos.com started. Guus also plays football in the big league of the KNVB and is also very busy with that.

Lieke (Content Specialist)

Lieke started as an intern at OC24. During her internship she did research into measuring the reliability of gambling sites. After completing her internship, Lieke started working as a content specialist. For example, she is responsible for writing the reviews and and adding current bonuses. She has enjoyed working with us for over 3 years.

Submit a complaint, questions or problems? Let us help you

Do you have a question, complaint or problem? Report it via our form. We are ready for you day and night and are happy to help players who have a problem. In most cases we know how to bring this to a successful conclusion as was the case above.

Thanks to our experience in the industry, we have built up a large network of s. This allows us to quickly pull the right strings. However, do not expect the impossible, we can't do more than our best!

– Team OnlineCasino24

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