Which payment options offer online gambling sites?

Gaming sites offer more and more payment options. A few years ago, players had the choice of Fast payoutmore than two or three options, but nowadays they often have a whole laundry list of deposit options that can be used to deposit money to the player account.

This is mainly due to the fact that more and more sites also include payment options that are specifically intended for players from a certain country. IDEAL, for example, can only be used by players from the USA. This is therefore a deposit option that can only be addressed by the Dutch, so that the majority of the players cannot do anything with it. This often applies to a large part of the deposit options.

Which payment options are most common?

Everyone online Casino Offers own payment options and one website is much more versatile in this than the other. Yet there are also payment options that we can now find in most of the websites. Gaming sites with iDeal are very popular in 2021. For example, we find Visa and Mastercard in the payment options of almost every gambling site and also the e-Wallets Skrill and Neteller are very popular. These are the most used online portfolios and the sites are happy to use it. The Paysafe Card has recently been added to the payment options of more and more gambling websites. Now that companies must have a license in 2021 and have to meet strict conditions, IDEAL is a commonly used payment method. In addition, many gamblers are also looking for Trustly and PayPal Casinos

Are all payment options instant?

The majority of the payment options is now instant. This means that the money is credited directly to your player account. A few years ago it was true that you had to wait a few days until the amount was on your player account. The gambling site first waited until the money was actually in their account and then the amount was credited to your player account. Nowadays this is hardly an issue. If you deposit an amount now, then in the vast majority of cases it is directly on your account. There are sites that take a little longer to put the money on your account. In most cases, these are deposit amounts that have been transferred by means of a normal bank transfer, not via iDEAL. This is mainly due to the fact that the gambling website has Fast payoutevidence that you have indeed transferred it to the website.

Popular payment options

Are you looking for a specific payment method for your first real money deposit? The pages below give you an overview of gambling companies that collaborate with all Dutch payment options.


IDEAL is the most popular payment method in the USA, so it is used almost everywhere for online payments. Read more about Ideal here and which websites offer this as a payment method.


PayPal is one of the best known payment methods worldwide. Many players like it if they can use this to make a deposit. Curious where this is possible? You read it here.

PayPal »

Trustly has been a well-known and reliable provider of e-Wallets for ages. It is therefore very easy to make online payments. Among players it is also an increasingly popular deposit method.

Trustly »

Bitcoin has been gaining popularity for years, and with current developments there are more and more players who like to pay with cryptos. There are enough casinos that offer this. View them here.

Bitcoin »

Is it better to play with a website that offers iDEAL?

IDEAL is a payment option that is pure Dutch. It is specially designed for the Dutch banks, so that with iDeal you can simply use the payment system of your own bank to make a payment to an online casino. Many Dutch players indeed consciously opt for a website that also offers iDEAL as a deposit option. This is mainly due to the fact that the payment via the own bank is very reliable. You know for sure that the money is coming well, it gets confirmation and you also always have evidence that you have deposited, namely your bank statement. For many, a website with iDeal is preferable, but this is certainly not a requirement. Nowadays the e-wallets and prepaid credit cards are also very reliable, so it is not necessarily better to play with iDeal.

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