online Scratch cards

Online scratch cards, also known as scratch cards in English, are scratch cards that can give you very nice prices on the internet. In some online Casino’s Scratch cards are offered online. This means that many scratch cards enthusiasts also click through to games, and vice versa. In that respect, the possibilities are countless!

What makes online scratch cards so much fun?

Scratch cards are very popular. That started in the past, in 1994 to be precise, already in the cigar shops, where you could buy a scratch card for a few $. You then took a euro or, at the time, guilders, from your pocket and you started scratching. Nowadays there are many more different types of scratch cards online and you Fast payoutlonger have to scratch yourself. Over the years, online scratch cards have become increasingly popular. A pressure on the mouse, or a few clicks further, and you know exactly what you win or not. But the tension remains the same!

Online scratch cards in all kinds of different shapes and sizes!

Scratch cards can vary rather in terms of theme and design. As a player you can choose to scratch scratch cards with the mouse or immediately let all 9 scratch surfaces open immediately. The latter is of course a bit more easy, but saves time, for the true enthusiast! Each scratch card has a multiplier, via the extra scratch compartment at the bottom of the scratch card. This allows you to multiply your price by 1, 2, 5 or 10 times.

Also note that with different providers you can immediately receive 5 $for free if you sign up as new ones Online scratch cards customer!

Which platform is most suitable for scratching?

It differs per player what you prefer! But the choice, for example, is not as spacious as playing games. Then you are dealing with hundreds of $. In this case, with scratch cards providers, you can often choose from a few options. Soon you come for a good online scratch card offer at Karamba or These are actually the two largest providers. Both run on the Aspire Gaming Platform, which scratch cards quickly included in its offer. New players can get fun free bonuses and free scratch cards with both websites. All you have to do is create an account.

Best scratch cards websites

Karamba: the largest online range for scratch cards!

Play scratch cards at Karamba Is fun and easy! All you have to do is scratch away to immediately reveal your combination - so simple! As soon as you have viewed our range of scratch cards in various fun themes (view Hit The Bank, Diamond Duet and VIP Black), you wonder why you have not become a member before! Karamba offers you a huge variety of one of the best online scratch cards you can play in combination with special CasiFast payoutbonus offers! If you are a fan of slots, you will also be absolutely crazy about scratch cards. So what are you waiting for? Scratch!

What are the chances of winning online scratch cards?

In many cases you win a small amount or a medium -sized amount. But sometimes, if you have a Lucky moment, you can really win a lot of money. We do not want to give you the feeling that a million $is realistic, but it often happens that a player wins thousands of $with online scratch cards. These do not necessarily have to be players who buy a scratch card every day. You just have to scratch the right boxes! Just like with all the casiFast payoutgames, you are lucky. The nice thing about scratch cards is that just like Slots There are many variations at the game. We wish you a lot of fun and happiness!

Are there special strategies that you can use?

Once bought the scratch card, there are two options. Or you win something or you won nothing. We cannot speak of a strategy. We have, however, listed a few things that are good to know if you are planning to scratch.

  • The prices vary with every scratch card. There are scratch cards where you have a chance to win gigantic main prizes. Please note that with these lottery tickets you will win small amounts less often. Some players do everything in its power to go for the big money while other players prefer to go for the somewhat smaller prices.
  • Bonuses can be attractive for players who like to scratch. In general, bonus credit must be played around the necessary times. Scratches also counts as playing. Therefore always take a good look at the bonus that your website to Online Gambling offers.
  • Your chances of winning are the same with every scratch card. There is Fast payoutlook at prices that you have won or lost before. Every time you have the same percentage chance to have a chance to win a big prize.
  • You can already buy scratch cards online from $ 0.50 each.
  • Scratch cards are often under the Scratch Cards heading on English -language websites
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