Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gamingis a software society in the field of Live casino. From her branches in Malta and Latvia Live Casino, she makes connections that ensure that you as a player at the online casinos live roulette and BlackJack can play. Evolution is not the only live casiFast payoutprovider, others include Netent and Authentic Gaming.

How is evolution?

Casinos are now much more present online than in real life. That is not surprising: with the digital possibilities of today, it is attractive for both the casinos and the players to play casiFast payoutgames from home, over the internet. However, many players prefer to deal with a real dealer and real cards (or a real roulette wheel) than with a digital variant. For this, websites often use special providers that have fully focused on making games available online. One of these developers is Evolution Gaming, which brings a lot of casiFast payoutgames to the market.

The live range of Evolution

Evolution Gaming is a global supplier of CasiFast payoutSoftware, for both online and offline casinos. The company was founded in 2006. Evolution's offer includes games as live roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat, Live CasiFast payoutHold’em and Live 3 Card Poker. The offered games and game suites from Evolution can be adapted to a large extent for a unique experience at an online casino. So you never have the idea that you are playing a standard game.

There are several benefits to playing a casiFast payoutgame, such as Blackjack or Roulette, compared to only digital. In the first place, it is a nicer game experience, which is physically present at a website much better than a digital variant. The social aspect also plays a role in this: after all, you play with real fellow players and a real dealer. Moreover, for many people this creates more confidence than a digital game.

Casino's met Evolution Live Gaming

Who are the dealers at Evolution Gaming?

Evolution Gaming offers the opportunity for online casinos to stream a gaming table from a central pool. The gaming tables are broadcast from a studio in Riga, Latvia. A casiFast payoutcan opt for a personalized player lobby and own limits, but playing, the dealers, the infrastructure and monitoring are centrally regulated by Evolution. For an additional price, online casinos can hire their own house style and dealers who speak the language of the players. Casinos with a branch can let their table games stream over the internet via Evolution Live Software. This can also happen from a studio. This option is a way as a casiFast payoutwith international players to deal with various, local laws and regulations, and is comparable to hiring gaming tables from Evolution Gaming. So the difference is that the casiFast payoutuses its own staff and own gaming tables.

Live Streaming?

If you play a live card game from Evolution Gaming, you virtually join a real table, where a real dealer shares real cards. The entire experience is optimized for an online experience where possibly thousands of players can play at the same time. You can interact through chat with the dealer and other players. Popular games that Evolution Gaming offers digitally live include blackjack, poker variants and baccarat.

Live casiFast payouton mobile

In addition to the rise of the internet, there is another digital trend important for casinos: mobile devices. People prefer to play a game of blackjack on their iPad from a comfortable chair than from behind the desk on the computer. That also benefits the relaxed element. Evolution Gaming also makes special solutions and apps for this.

In addition to mobile live card games, Evolution offers a number of variants on the roulette game on your phone. These are all played and streamed live and are clearly visible on both iPhone's and Samsungs. Evolution’s Immersive Roulette was awarded a "Game of the Year" award in the casiFast payoutsector in 2014. In addition to the standard roulette variants, Evolution also offers speed, double ball and dual play roulette as game variants. This makes playing a game of roulette on your mobile even more fun and challenging for players.

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