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Do you want to learn everything about Online Blackjack? Then you've come to the right place. Blackjack is one of the most popular games. Many players like to play blackjack because they themselves, unlike most other casiFast payoutgames, have a say in the game. Here you will find all relevant information about the classic table game Blackjack. We provide a detailed explanation of the rules and also tips to make your winning chances as high as possible!

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Online blackjack game rules

Before you sit down at the Blackjack table, it is extremely important that you know the rules down to the small print. Blackjack is a card game that speaks for itself. All cards from the stick participate and the game is played with six card games at the same time. There are 52 cards in one card game, 52 cards x six card games makes a total of 312 cards.

The cards 2 to 10 have indicated the value on the map. All pictures have a value of 10. The bait is a separate case. This card has a value of 1 or 11, you can determine this yourself at all times.

What is the goal of online blackjack?

The intention is to get 21. This way you get 2 cards shared as standard. The sum of these cards represents a certain value. This value can vary from a minimum of 2 (2 aces) to a maximum of 21 (bait and a 10/plate). The maximum achievable is therefore 21 with two cards, this is called Blackjack. If you have a blackjack you will get your bet X1.5 extra on top of the doubling of your bet. Example: Set you bet $ 10 and you get blackjack then you will receive $ 25. So a profit of $ 15.

Bee BlackJack Do not play against your fellow players but you play against the dealer. Just like you, the dealer is also shared two cards. However, he always has only one visible card. The bank only shows its second card when you have decided to fit. There are two basic options for you as a player to choose from: fit or buy a card. You can buy as many tickets if you want until you exceed 21, then you lose your hand. We also call this dying.

Imagine that with your first two cards you have a combined value of 11 or lower, you can always buy a card. The purchased card can have a maximum value of 10, so you can never die. It is also possible that with your first two cards you have a value of 12 or higher. If this is the case, you must consider whether you are going to take the gamble to get a higher value. You run the risk that you will exceed 21 and will therefore die.

The croupier must continue to buy tickets at all times until a value of 17 or more has been reached. Is the value of the croupier higher than 21? Then the player wins if he did not die. If it is the case that the player ends with the same number of points as the Dealerdan, you play immediately. We call this a stand off. You get your bet back.

So it's all about considerations. Will I go or am I not going to buy a card? With these choices it is important to take a good look at the dealer's card. If he has a 5 or a 6, it may be wise to fit and hope that the bank will die. Does a certain dealer have a 10 and or a bait? The chance is then that the bank will end with a high value. It can now be useful to buy a card.

Split and double

We already indicated that you either have to buy or fit a card. If you choose to buy a card, there are several options: splitting or doubling. If you have two equal cards, for example two tens, you can split them. You then put in your bet again and you continue to play with two hands, each of which represent a value of 10. So you have a chance to win two good hands instead of one good hand. Of course it can also turn out less well.

Another option is doubling. Dubbing is only allowed at most casinos if you have 9.10 or 11 points after your first two cards. If this is the case you can choose to get one extra card against a doubling of your bet. Even with doubling it is again important to take a good look at the bank's hand. If the bank has a low card and you have 11 points then it can be an interesting option.

To ensure

It sometimes happens that the first card of the bank is a bait. In this case he/she only has to draw a 10 or a picture for a blackjack. To protect you from this, the dealer offers an insurance option. Insurance will cost you half of your bet and if you still win you will get 1: 3 paid. So you play quits if the dealer actually has a blackjack after you have insured.

Does the croupier do not have a blackjack and does the bank also come to a higher number of points than you do? Then you lose twice. Insurance is therefore quite disadvantageous in our opinion. In the long term, a casiFast payoutearns a lot from insurance.

You play blackjack here

Blackjack strategies

Every game is different. But they still have one thing in common. The house always has a bigger advantage than the player. At the same time, this is also the reason why CasiFast payoutgames exist at all. First of all, it is again incredibly important that you know all the basic rules. You must be able to see when double can be interesting. The same applies to splitting. We advise against insurance because the house simply has a greater advantage than the player.

The most logical and simple strategy when playing Blackjack is as follows:

  • A point number of 11 or lower -> draw a card (you have nothing to lose)
  • A point number of 12 to 16 -> Make your choice based on the bank's card (at 7 or higher it may be wise to buy a card)
  • A point number of 17 or higher -> To suit! (Leave it for what it is regardless of the bank's card)

Playing optimally blackjack does it exist?

Yes, of course! There is a manual for optimal blackjack. This will also help you get more profit from Blackjack online. Also use it to release a bonus so easier. With the "Blackjack Chart" below you can limit your losses. And increase your profit! So don't play by feeling, but always according to this guide.

In addition to playing strategies, there are also different ways of bets. Below you can find a few deployment strategies, who knows, there is one that appeals to you.

Paroli system

If you play the Paroli system you always increase your bet with a profit. If you lose, you lower the bet until you are back on the original bet you started. According to this system you have to keep doing this until you win again. An advantage of this system is that it cannot lose so much. At least never more than your starting deployment.

Parlay system

This system is a lot riskier than the Paroli system. The system works as follows. Every time you win, your new bet becomes the old bet the win. In this way you can make large flaps with a profit reak. The downside is that there is Fast payoutspecific end point. It is wise to determine an end point for yourself as soon as you choose the Parlay system. Keep in mind that it is left as soon as you lose once.

Can I also play blackjack for free online?

By by far beyond online Casino’s it is certainly possible to Blackjack and others free games to play. You then play in a so -called free fashion, also known as free mode. You do not play with your own money, but with fictional money that you get from the casino. Playing the free blackjack is ideal if you don't know the game well. You can then try it out for free and continue to practice until you get the hang of it and you are ready to play with real money. You have to keep in mind that you cannot have profits paid out if you play free blackjack.

History Blackjack

Blackjack is played in almost every (online) casino. It is one of the most popular table games with roulette in poker. How did this come and where does blackjack come from? Fast payoutexactly year is known on which Blackjack was played for the first time. We can make a rough estimate. The Spanish writer Miguel Cervanta wrote a story in the 17th century in which a card game was called "Veintiuna".

This comes from Vingt-et-un, which means one-and-twisting. This card game was played around that time and looks suspiciously like the current Blackjack. Today, it is sometimes still talking about "one -twenties" when people talk about blackjack.

The game was a bit simpler at the time than it is now. Casinos wanted to make one -six -legged more attractive, so the Blackjack rule was invented on which you get a 1.5x extra paid.

Blackjack FAQ

Online Blackjack is one of the oldest card games. The goal is to get the number 21. When you get above this number you have automatically lost.

The house advantage depends on the number of decks. With one deck the benefit is 0.17%, with a variant with more decks this percentage rises.

No! It is not forbidden to count cards in online blackjack. However, casinos are not happy that you do this as this can increase your chances of winning.

We show the most popular online blackjack strategies on our page. This way you know exactly what steps you should take if you have certain cards in your hands.

We only offer casinos on our website with a license in the USA. At these casinos it is possible to play online blackjack.

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