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The web is bursting apart from the poker websites, tournaments and variants. Both advanced players and beginners and players can use it Online Poker Playing are getting great profits. But what is the difference between playing in a physical location and online? And how do you get the maximum profit from your game? Use these tips to become a pro!

What is Poker?

It has grown enormously in popularity in recent years, but what exactly is it?

The game was already played in the 15th century and has its origins in Germany. Although this does not seem entirely like today's game. The well -known Texas Hold’em was conceived in 1967. As the name suggests, the game was created in the state of Texas. Although there are many variants, the goal with all these variants is the same, namely: compiling 5 cards that yield as many points as possible so that you can win from the other people at the poker table. The cards that yield the most points are: ace, king, woman, farmer and the 10. This is also called Royal Flush. It is next to BlackJack in The roulette The most played table game.

What variants are there?

As we have already discussed above, Texas Hold’em is the most famous variant. This is played with 52 cards where the limits to use at the start are already determined. If you want to use, you always have to put in at least a small blind. In addition to Texas Hold’em, the most famous variants are: Seven Card Stud, Five Card Draw and Omaha High. There are also dozens of other variants

Online poker for real money

Do you want to play online poker for real money? It is wise to always practice before you play with real money. People who play the game have a lot of knowledge and experience. This makes it a good chance that you will lose it from these people. Speelhallen have therefore thought of something that you can first play with fake money. This is possible with "play chips". Where normally money is on a chip of $, there is nothing on it with a play chip. It is important to know that you are sitting at a special table with other people who also play with fake money. The way of playing and bets changes as a result and does not give a good picture of reality. In addition to playing with Play Chips, you can also opt for a special training site. Such a website is purely focused to make you better and here you can only play for free. That way you don't lose any money if you have little experience.

Although many people think it is a game of chance, it is mainly about strategy and anticipating your opponents. People with more experience and knowledge therefore have a big lead on you. We offer an extensive list of online poker casinos where you can deposit money.

Tips for online poker

1. Only play at one table

One of the benefits of playing online poker is that you can participate in the games on different tables on several screens at the same time. While waiting for your turn at one table, you can check out how to stand at the other table. With the wide range of Games, ranging from automated casiFast payoutHold’em to online live poker that you play against real dealers via a video connection, that is not surprising. Nevertheless, it is not advisable to play multi-table. To get to know the technical possibilities of the different games and software, you better start playing at one table at the same time. This way you get the time to discover, for example, how much time you have between the turns, what deployment there are options, and how the software responds to all your actions. This can vary considerably per game variant and provider. If you get to know these aspects better, you can adjust your way of playing and thus extract the maximum return from your game.

2. Start with low bets

If you're in casino’s Like to play with high bets, it might take a lot of getting used to starting with low-stakes poker, but that's how you play the most wisely. Even the most experienced poker players will have to get used to the speed of the online variant. The play of the game, the interface and the technical possibilities that variant offers are also different. When you poke a software, you can usually count on the other players at your table to be more calculated and are also more difficult to beat than if you were to play against players of meat and blood. Many players underestimate this difference between "real" poker and online. To avoid large losses in the beginning, it is advisable for both beginners and experienced players to start with low bets and only proceed to High Stakes-Poker as soon as you are comfortable in the game. This way you always keep poker fun online and you play more relaxed.

3. Ensure as little distraction as possible

Unlike a physical poker table in a casino, you often do not play online from a separate room, but from your living room or office. It is precisely in those spaces that the danger of distraction lies. Because how tempting is it not to make a phone call between your different turns, open Facebook or chat with friends? If you want to play well, you have to play as concentrated as possible so that you also follow what your opponents do. That is why it is important to exclude as many distracting things as possible when you poke online. How do you do that? For example, place your smartphone away, sit in a separate room, close all other screens and focus. It takes some preparation, but you will find that with such a professional position you play a lot easier.

As you notice, the differences between poker at a physical table and online poker are larger than you would initially think. But with the good preparation and handles you can go a long way. Let everyone see your Pokerface!

2 Website to poke


When you visit a casiFast payoutthrough us it is completely legal to play poker online. These websites have all received a license from the KSA.

We show a top 4 with best online poker websites. We change this list every month so that you have an up -to -date overview.

The most famous variant is Texas Hold'em. In addition, there are also Seven Card Stud, Five Card Draw and Omaha High who are popular with playing online poker.

This is a discussion that many people have. Ultimately, online poker is mainly about knowledge and strategy and less about happiness. This compared to blackjack and poker

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