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On this page you will find everything about the game Online Roulette. It is one of the most popular games on the internet. The Dutch play it massively. Both the live roulette and the software variant are offered. On this page you will find:

  • Explanation about playing all systems and strategies at an online casino!
  • At a glance: the best roulette games.
  • Tips to increase your chances of winning with
  • Why playing against live dealers is so much fun

Top 4 Online Roulette Casino's

What is roulette and how do I play it online?

Roulette is a casiFast payoutgame that has been centuries old. Both in USA and in America it soon became very popular. Nowadays it is also available on the internet at online casinos. Via your PC or mobile you can play digitally via various websites to gamble. In a number of steps you directly play roulette online. That looks like this:

  1. You create an account via at one of the online casinos that we recommend to roulets
  2. After registration you make a deposit (eg 20, 50, 100 or 500 $), depending on how much money you want to start
  3. You are now looking for the roulette games in the lobby of the website. If you want to play live, surf to the website
  4. You can now choose from all kinds of variants: immersive, speed, car, American, live dealer, VIP and multi-roulette etc. On this page you can read more about those variants
  5. Put on your favorite game. You can use chevals, transversal, on individual numbers, even/odd or via one of the roulette systems that we explain here

Roulette play online: where do I find it in the lobby?

You can play roulette at almost every online casiFast payoutfor gambling. It's very simple. Online gambling sites often consist of multiple product categories. There are the online slots, the live casiFast payout(in which you can play live roulette), table games (in which you can play software) and, for example, sports betting. As a game you will find especially in the Live CasiFast payoutand Table Games tab (Table Games). Of course you do play alone, and always against the house. There are many types. A well -known variant is the live game. A real dealer is waiting for you in the Live Casino. However, if you play the physical game, the table game, then there is a software variant in which an algorithm determines which number the ball falls on roulets.

Is playing roulette reliable?

The question we regularly get from players is: "Is it reliable to play at an online casino?". Count on YES! All gambling websites are accredited and annually checked by independent gaming and honest play License A companies. This means that there are checks taking place at the game. The times when certain roulette variants were "rigged" really belong to the last century.
In addition, there is the Invention of live casino Of course a huge leap made in the visual proof that you can see with your own eyes where the ball falls. This makes it 100% reliable to play online. People who say that certain things look unreliable do not understand how it works. Most online casinos are listed and have licenses in several countries. They could close the doors immediately if it leaks out that they offer unreliable games or cheats with software. Just like playing other table games like poker in Online Blackjack, the table game is reliable!

Free roulette or for real money?

Always realize well before you play with real money that roulets is a game of chance where you can suffer loss in the long term. There are certainly game systems and strategies where you can increase the chances of winning in such a way that, with a bit of luck, you can also get very nice profits with this play. The risk of playing with real money is in any case clear: as soon as you use it, you always have to realize that you can get rid of it. This is called popular, "gambling".

Deposit money with iDeal when playing roulette

You play roulette online for real money, and you can easily deposit money through iDeal. After registering your player account you can easily transfer money from your bank account to your playing account with iDeal and you can then use that money to play. That is that simple! For real money playing via the iDEAL payment method is therefore the fastest and most reliable way to play this beautiful game on the internet. Where in Holland CasiFast payoutyou are often in the queue at the ATM, and of course also have to travel to go there, you can get started online in Fast payouttime to play.

How many roulette variants are there?

Basically there are three roulette variants. The European roulette is the most played variant. This is the basic game that is best known and to which all basic rules apply. Then there is also American roulette. With this variant you get half of your bet back when the bullet ends up on the zero. This ensures that the chances of winning at Frans Roulette are slightly higher than with European roulette, although it is mainly about losing less when the zero is turned and you have not deployed it. Finally, there is an American version and this is the least played variant. This has to do with the fact that the chance of winning is considerably lower than with the other two variants, because this game has an extra number, namely the double zero.

What is the difference between American and American roulette?

The most important difference between American and American roulette is the double zero. This was also on the American roulette, but some casinos dropped a zero to make the game more attractive for players. That caught on, and now all American roulette wheels are provided with only 1 zero. Some American roulettes even had a third "zero" - an eagle - but nowadays American roulette has a zero and a double zero. If the ball falls on the zero or double zero, nobody wins.

Can you play profitable roulette on the internet?
This depends on your bet. If you bet on the 50 percent chance courses, you will get your bet doubled back. So if you use 1 euro and you have it right, you will get 2 $. If you take a lot of risk by using a single number, you can get 35 $with a bet of only 1 euro. Of course, the precise profits also depend on the variant of roulette that you play.

Win with roulette

Winning with roulette seems to have a matter of happiness. Although you cannot enforce happiness, you can still increase your chances of winning by playing smartly. You do that by using a certain strategy. You cannot influence how the ball rolls, or how the wheel is running. Moreover, all roulette wheels are now extremely well balanced. So it is therefore often a matter of good understanding of the bets, and applying a system with it.

How should I use Roulette?

You can use in many different ways. You can bet on the 50 percent chance of subjects. You then bet on, for example, black or red, high or low, even or odd. The chance that you win is then 50 percent, so quite high. Precisely because this opportunity is high, the profit amount is of course also lower. If you dare to run a little more risk and want a chance to win a larger profit, then you can also bet on a group of figures that are together on the playing field or on a complete box of 12 digits. Of course you can also bet on a single number. You run a lot of risk, but if you have predicted the outcome well, then your profit is of course also considerable.

Is there a system in online roulette?

No, there is Fast payoutsystem in roulette. An RNG (Random Number Generator) is used, so that everything is really random. So you can't find a fixed order in roulette to win the game like this. You can play roulette with systems yourself, to limit your loss and to optimize your profit.

Use a system for playing roulette

The number 1 rule to increase your chance of winning at Roulette is to tackle it systematically. There are all kinds of circumstances that determine which system you can use best when playing in an online casino. In the last place, your personal preference plays a role. There are systems where you have to pay a lot of attention to series, and there are systems where you need very deep pockets. But if you bet according to a system, you have a much greater chance of walking away with a profit than when you just do something.

Roulette strategy

Examples of Roulette strategies to be:

  • Fibonacci System
  • Aviation Systeem
  • Angelika system
  • Cancellation Systeem

In practice you can try out multiple strategies. A number of strategies are purely mathematical and only assume probability calculation. These are very suitable for online play. Other strategies are based on physical circumstances that influence the game, such as the specific way in which a certain croupier stores the ball (the dealer’s signature). These strategies can be helpful in a real casino. But remember, it is and remains a game of chance.

What is the most profitable strategy?

Statistically, the doubling system, also called Martingale System, has the highest chance of winning. With this rouletten system you always focus on even or odd (or red/black or 1-18/19-36). Switching between, for example, and odd is always allowed, but is not necessary. You always use the same amount, except after loss: then you double the bet. This seems contradictory, but with enough spins This leads to profit: after doubling, the profit is always more than the added loss. A calculation example: you start with 1 euro and lose 3 times in a row, then you win. So you first lose 1+2+4 = 7 $, but then you win 8 $: on balance 1 euro profit.

If you can use infinitely and there is Fast payoutlimit, the Martingale system works to always make a profit. But your bet pot is not unlimited, and moreover, many casinos use bet limits. The martingale system, and also derived, mathematically complicated variants, can therefore never guarantee a 100% chance of winning in practice, but it is a nice way to play more systematic roulette and, although you have Fast payoutguarantee to win, it increases it It is your chances.

Playing roulette with bonus

Playing without depositing money? In some cases this is possible! Visit, for example, our Fast payoutdeposit Bonus Page and you will find a number of free money bonuses that you will receive immediately after registration of a player account. That Bonus You can often also use roulets on the internet for free. However, we want to give you a warning: often free bonuses are subject to conditions. This means that you cannot pay the money to your account immediately. In addition, there are, for example, play conditions applicable to most Fast payoutdeposit bonuses. It is a game with only a small house advantage and if you want to play a free bonus free at online roulette, you can easily unlock the bonus via certain systems such as the Martingale system. Gambling companies often protect themselves against this, so it is not always desirable to play with a free bonus.

Another way to play free roulette is via the Play for Free mode. Gok websites often have two moduses: a Play for Real, and Play for Free mode. In the latter mode you get fake fiches, a kind of free credit that has Fast payoutreal money value, to try games like roulette!

More background info about the roulette game

It is a very old game. It originated in the Middle Ages by a Americanman and grew up during the 19th century in Europe and in the United States. It used to be thought that it was a game that could be influenced or could even be overcome by applying certain game systems. Now that Roulette is playable online, and for this also on the PC, randomized algorithms have shown that you could never play profitably in the long term. Unless you are so lucky in series of course!

You can play roulette online in two way. Through the live rouletten variant, whether the software variant applies an algorithm to determine which number the ball falls on. You can play multiple variants at every website. There is American roulette (with two "zeros"), and European (or American) roulette. There are also, for example, variants that go faster, such as the Quick methods. Here the casiFast payoutspins faster in succession. In the live environment you also have Immersive Roulette, a live variant in which with special HD cameras beautiful video images appear on your screen that display the game from all over corners, in order to build extra tension with you as a player.

Other name for roulets

Online roulette sometimes called the game of the devil. Fortunately, roulets has nothing to do with accident, as you might think. After all, the devil is generally not associated with positive matters. It is true that the figures that can be found in the normal online roulette game added together the number of 666. The creator of the game probably didn't even think about this. It is therefore a pure coincidence and has nothing to do with roulette in itself. It is therefore not banned from certain cultures in which the devil plays a major role.

Online Roulette FAQ

There are countless strategies for playing. We explain a number of popular strategies on our page that you can use when playing in a casino.

It is legal to play online roulette at Online CasiFast payoutthat has received a license. We only offer gambling sites that have this.

This is impossible to know at online roulette, every number has the same chance with every spider. It is possible to accept a certain strategy if you want to win.

Online roulette is one of the oldest and also reliable games. Manipulating the wheel is almost impossible.

At Live Roulette you play against live dealers who are in with the player via a live connection. A dealer is not always present for the other variants.

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