The online final game Starburst is a nice variation on the classic principle of the slot machine. Instead of with fruit symbols, Starburst uses precious stones and star symbols. Starburst looks more futuristic, and sounds like this, than old slot machines. Starburst, as you now encounter online everywhere, is one of the bestsellers of NetEnt gaming. Millions of people play this popular slot machine online, are you the next one?

How does Starburst work?

At Starburst you play five roles over three rows. The goal is to get a series of 3, 4 or 5 the same symbols on a payline. The paylines are quite whimsical: in addition to 3 horizontal, there are 7 variations that are formed by sliding boxes. These paylines not only run from left to right, but also from right to left: if your series of 3 or 4 starts on the far right, then it also counts. You can add all the winning series that you can form together for the win.

The Bonus Feature at the Starburst slot machine

You can get a star on rolls 2, 3 and 4; These stars are part of the bonus round. In fact, these stars symbolize a wild card or a joker at Starburst; They can make combinations with any symbol. But this works slightly differently in Starburst than in other slot machines. If you get a star, it fills the entire role, and then counts the shaped series. But it doesn't stop there: the role with stars remains and triggers a respect on the other roles. If one of the other roles also gets a star, this process repeats itself, up to a maximum of 3 respins. A star therefore considerably increases your chance of a number of winning series.

Make a profit with Starburst

At Starburst you use between 10 and 100 coins per spin, in steps of 10. You can start the value of a single currency at $ 0.01 and double that value, to a maximum of $ 1. So you use a minimum of $ 0.10 and a maximum of $ 100. Regarding the profit benefit: there are five different precious stones, a 7, and a bar. The benefit of the lowest rated gem is 5–10–25 for 3, 4 or five on a payline, and this goes up to 50–200–250 for the bar.

Free spins on Starburst

Because Starburst is so popular, many online casinos do extra promotion through the game. That usually means that you as a player, if you register at an online casino, a big set free spins gets to play Starburst. Keep in mind that these free spins are almost always subject to Wager requirements, and that you will have to use a good number of times before you can record your possible profit. Example of online casinos that give away free spins on Starburst are eg. Mr Green in Kroon.

You play Starburst at these casinos!

Starburst, an online lock for you?

Do you like slot machines, but are you bored with the style and rules of most classic slot machines? Then Starburst is for you. A contemporary design and interesting, exciting rules make it a great variety for the fanatic user of Slot Machines. Add to that a relatively low volatility and an excellent benefit percentage, and you will soon fall for this futuristic and fun slot machine.

Where can you play Starburst?

Starburst is a real hit, and you will find it at a lot of online casinos. If you are looking well, you can find a number of online casinos that regularly offer free spins especially for Starburst. Moreover, you can also try Starburst in a play variant without real money. Starburst is ideally suited to play on your computer, telephone or tablet. Netent has even made a special app for mobile: Starburst Touch. However, you usually do not get free spins from a casiFast payouton the mobile version.

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