What are the conditions for a KOA permit?

In order to be allowed to offer their services to Dutch residents or on the Dutch market, companies are obliged to meet the conditions of the remote Gambling Act. A number of conditions entered into force from 1 April 2021. From 1 October 2021, a number of additional conditions came into force. Are you also curious about what requirements one Dutch Online Casino Does it have to be satisfactory to be eligible for a KOA permit? Then definitely go through the information that you will find below on this page.

Legal gambling sites are supervised by the Gaming Authority

For all legal providers of games of chance in the USA, they are supervised by the Gaming Authority. This ensures that the player can always count on a safe environment to take his or her opportunity. However, it goes without saying that the player is still responsible for his or her own game behavior. This therefore also applies to the profits (or any losses) that are made. That goes without saying.

The applicant for the KOA permit may not have a criminal record

It goes without saying that it is crucial for the Gaming Authority that every legal provider of gambling in the USA has the most reliable character possible. Consequently, parties who apply for a KOA permit may not have a criminal record. This applies concretely to all stakeholders as well as to all directors and policymakers associated with the company in question. To be able to test this in practice, it is usually decided to have a so -called antecedent test.

With regard to the reliability of the applicant, her past is also taken into account. Companies that have been addressed to the Dutch market during the two years prior to the permit application are automatically labeled as not reliable by the Gaming Authority. In practice, this means that their permit application is often rejected based on this determination.

Companies must have a healthy balance

For every applicant of the KOA permit, he must be able to present a financially healthy balance. Moreover, it goes without saying that companies may not be in a bankruptcy or suspension of payment. As soon as it can be established that the payments of players are jeopardized, the Gaming Authority can decide on the basis of that to withdraw the permit or not to grant them anyway.

The above is not the only financial condition that is proposed by the Gaming Authority. Moreover, it is also the case that it is required that the player statements are kept separate from the company capital. That actually speaks for itself. Otherwise, in theory it would be possible for the casino, for example, to pay the rental charges of the business premises with the assets of the players. That of course cannot be the intention in practice. The conditions for obtaining a KOA permit state that there must always be a separation of credits. That is not unique for our Dutch gambling authority. Similar conditions also apply in other countries.

Adequate customer service is required

When players encounter a problem or a certain question, they must have the possibility to be able to submit it to an expert customer service. Applicants of a permit should not only be able to prove that they can meet this requirement, and they must also be able to prove that customer service will be operational in time. The provider can decide in which ways players can customer service. This also applies to opening times that are used.

Control of registration in the cruks database

Both for Land Based Casinos and online providers, they are obliged to carry out a check for each player in the so -called Cruks database. This is a central database that contains the data of all players who would like to be excluded from games of chance. This check can be carried out together with the mandatory identity control. For the latter check, it is mandatory on the basis of the law to prevent money laundering and financing of terrorism. Because of the fact that a registration in the Cruks database can take place at any time, it goes without saying that the check must always be carried out when the player in question wants to play.

Mandatory check of the game behavior

For all online providers of games of chance, they are obliged to check the playing behavior of their players. In the player account, the player in question must always have the opportunity to indicate how much money he or she wants and can lose, how long should be played and how often. When the playing behavior deviates from what was set by the player, the provider is obliged to inform the player of this. This can be done by means of a pop-up or through warning texts on the screen. In this regard, the Gaming Authority has rightly stated that it is excellent online to keep an eye on the playing behavior of players.

There must always be a "sound policy"

The Gaming Authority has the option to check online gambling providers through, for example, the provider's control database. This is a kind of virtual safe in which the provider of the games of chance is obliged to record game data. The Gaming Authority can then carry out a check on the basis of this data whether or not the provider acts in accordance with his policy. It is crucial for every gambling provider that he or she must have at least "sound policy". This is not least in terms of addiction prevention. Is there Fast payoutsuch policy? Then the provider will not receive a permit with certainty.

Rules regarding the offering of bonuses

In itself, providers of (online) games of chance have the possibility of a certain casiFast payoutBonus offer to their players. This may, for example, be a Bonus up to $250. However, it is not allowed to offer a bonus to players while playing. If it is determined that a certain provider does this, this can also be in practice that the possibly already obtained license will be withdrawn.

Special conditions for advertising and marketing

Legal gambling providers can advertise their brand in the USA. It is true that a number of strict requirements must be taken into account in this area. In the first instance, for example, the target group of the marketed marketing must be taken into account. For this it is not allowed for a casiFast payoutto focus on young people who have not yet reached the age of 24. It is often thought that this is about the age limit of 21 years, but that is not correct. Moreover, this is not everything yet.

In addition to the above, providers of games of chance must also take into account that they are not allowed to address people with intellectual disabilities and specifically to people who are or have been gambling addicted. In addition, it is also not permitted to use professional athletes or celebrities that are popular with young people for the marketing that is being conducted. The Gaming Authority carries out checks on a regular basis with regard to the marketing that is being conducted to determine whether the specified conditions are properly complied with or not.

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