What is the cooling down for casinos?

When introducing the Law Gambling of the Gambling It immediately became clear that it was chosen to set a so -called cooling down period. This period focuses in particular on existing, illegal providers of games of chance on the Dutch market. If they keep quiet during the stated period of 2 years, they could still claim a permit. For gambling companies that illegally offered their services on the Dutch market after 1 June 2018, they had to stay on the criminal bench for some time. For these parties, therefore, they will only be able to apply for a permit in a later phase.

Important point of discussion

It has had quite a few feet in the earth to get through the Gambling Gambling. That is more than probably known to the majority of readers. Allowing or not to allow the market of existing, illegal providers was one of the most important points of discussion. In any case, a measure had to be created to ensure that the proposed canalization could be achieved. That said it goes without saying that at the same time it had to be prevented that providers could just go their own way. Finding a consensus for this turned out not to be easy, but in the end people succeeded.

For the cooling down period, it has already proved to be a more than crucial part from the start of the new law. As long as casinos would adhere to the applicable tolerance criteria during the proposed Cooling Down period, they could look forward to a permit. That said it speaks for themselves that they also had to be able to meet the other applicable conditions.

Different motions are at the basis of the Cooling Down

Different motions form the basis of the entered Cooling Down period. In the first instance, this concerns the Bouwmeester motion. The first plans for the law stated that it was a nuclear component to grant illegal providers of online games of chance Fast payoutpermit. The real basis for the current Cooling Down was laid in 2019, more specifically in the month of February. Then it was determined by the Postema motion that the government prescribes to only grant a permit to parties who have not exceeded the tolerance criteria in a continuous period of (at least) two years. In December of the same year, the motion was unanimously approved by the Lower House.

The motion of Nispen

Anyone who delves into the entire cooling down problems will be able to establish that the motion of Nispen has played an important role in this area. In December 2019, this motion stated that providers who, after taking the remote gambling, still focused on Dutch players must be excluded from applying for a permit. In June 2020, the motion of Nispen was adopted stating that the Cooling Down period can be extended by the same number of months as a possible postponement of the introduction of the law. The law would initially be in force on January 1, 2021, but in the end it became a few months later, namely on April 1, 2022.

Why is the cooling down period needed?

The introduction of a cooling down period was needed for various reasons. In the first instance, the government of course had to ensure that parties who had always adhered neatly to the set rules were given the opportunity to be able to offer their services in instant after approval of the remote gambling on the Dutch market. On the other hand, they also wanted to take into account that an opportunity had to be offered to parties who may have already focused on the Dutch market in the past, but had not done that in bad faith. Among these parties were several renowned names that we will go further into deeper on this page.

By creating a cooling down period, illegal providers from the past were placed on the criminal bench for a moment and then giving them the opportunity to improve their lives. If it could be established after the Cooling Down that all applicable conditions were met, the parties could still receive a KOA permit.

Which parties are confronted with this period?

The Cooling Down period found many providers of online games of chance. There were also some well -known names among these parties. The most eye -catching name was undoubtedly Unibet. Many Dutch players were strongly disappointed when it turned out that this well -known provider of games of chance in the USA had to pull the plug for some time. Unibet has as online Casino About a strong connection with the USA. This is not least because, for example, she acts as a sponsor of the well -known and popular football team Ajax.

On 8 June 2022, the company then eventually obtained its license from the Dutch Gaming Authority. This makes it one of the first major gambling companies that knows how to get a permit after she initially served the Dutch market without such a license. For the majority of the other permit holders, they had not previously offered their services in the USA before opening the market on 1 October 2021. This with the exception of parties such as GGPoker and Zebet who had already accepted Dutch players in the past. The gambling company is certainly not the only party to take a seat on the criminal bench. The also well -known and large PokerStars was also with these parties, for example.

Impact of Cooling Down can be considerable

The forced to leave the Dutch market because of the Cooling Down period can in practice have a strong impact on the sales that online providers can (whether or not) achieve. For example, it became clear from the Kindred Group's quarterly report (the company behind Unibet) of April 2022. That report made it clear that the turnover had fallen by Fast payoutless than 30 percent compared to a year earlier during the first quarter of the year. The company indicated on the basis of those figures that going temporarily offline in the USA could be regarded as the main reason for the significant drop in turnover.

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